Lemon Cars. Mazda problems? Kia problems?

It is possible that any make and model can turn out to be a lemon car. What factors impact a particular model that destines it to become a lemon? Any number of things can be the eventual cause: poor engineering, improper assembly, an error in material composition, incorrect equipment set-up ... The list goes on. When more than one of these issues exists - it stands to reason - this car is bound to be in the shop more often than on the road.

Understandably, manufacturers like Mazda and Kia do their best to combat these issues, because automobile recalls are expensive. At times, certain issues are just coming to light and have not become a recall issue, yet. Environments and driver characteristics differ, making testing for every scenario very difficult. These manufactures make millions of cars that provide their owners with years of trouble free operation. Unfortunately, should you be one of the few unlucky ones that have purchased a new Mazda or Kia with an unusually high rate of repair, you are going to feel much different about your automobile.

When engines, transmissions, braking systems, cooling systems, electrical and fuel delivery systems fail on a constant basis, not only is it a major inconvenience, but also may be a safety issue. If the dealership, after multiple attempts, has failed to correct the issue, what do you do? Should your car be a 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, or 2007 (still within the manufacturer's warranty) model year, maybe it is time to inform Luxenburg & Levin of your lemon car issues and let them determine if you are dealing with a lemon car issue. Not only do they deal with people that have Mazda problems (CX-9, CX-7, Millenia, 3, 6 ...) or Kia problems (Sedona, Sorento Sportage, Spectra, Rio ..), they work with owners of any make or model.

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